Home Warranty Choice Home Warranty 2023

Choice Home Warranty A Budget-Friendly Option with Superior Client Service

When it comes to maintaining your home, unplanned repairs can be a financial burden. Appliances break down, and home systems falter when you least expect it. This is where home warranties like Choice Home Warranty company step in to save the day. In this review, we’ll explore the pros and cons of choosing cancel your Choice Home Warranty, helping you make an informed decision.

Home Warranty Choice Home Warranty 2023
Discover the Trusted Choice: Home Warranty by Choice Home Warranty

What is a Home Warranty?

Before we dive into Choice Home Warranty, let’s clear up what a home warranty is. A home warranty is a service contract that covers the repair or replacement of major home appliances and systems. It provides peace of mind by offering financial assistance when these items malfunction due to normal wear and tear.


Choice Home Warranty stands

out in the crowd for several reasons. One of its standout strengths is its exceptional customer service, available 24/7. Unlike some other providers, Choice Home Warranty takes the hassle out of finding a local contractor by promising to schedule a competent technician with the right expertise for the job. This can be a considerable relief for homeowners.

“Choice Home Warranty takes the hassle out of finding a local contractor.”

What Does Choice Home Warranty Offer?

Let’s break down what Choice Home Warranty charges brings to the table:

  • Service Area: Choice Home Warranty serves 48 states and Washington, D.C.
  • Plans: They offer two primary plans: the Basic Plan and the Total Plan.
  • Average Monthly Pricing: Plans start at an affordable $55 per month.
  • Claim Process: You can file claims online or via phone.
  • Service Fee: A flat $85 service fee is charged per claim.

Pros and Cons

Here’s a quick look at the pros and cons of Choice Home Warranty:


  • Relatively affordable monthly cost and service fee.
  • 30-day waiting period waived with proof of coverage from another company.
  • Quick response within 4 hours of service request.
  • 24/7 customer support line.


  • $500 cap for roof leakage coverage.
  • No service fee flexibility.
  • Website usability could be improved.

Choice Home Warranty Review: Claims

Choice Home Warranty positions itself as a reliable provider offering policies that safeguard your essential home systems and appliances from costly repairs. They emphasize the potential time and money savings on repairs and replacements, making it an attractive choice for homeowners.

About Choice Home Warranty

Choice Home Warranty plans has an impressive get over record, managing over 5 billion service requests and providing coverage to more than 1.65 million households. They gasconad a across the country web of contractors, with over 25,000 technicians ready to assist customers across the country. However, it’s important to note that Choice Home warrant serve has faced legal challenges in Recent years, including impostor allegations. This is something potential customers should be aware of when considering their services.

Customer Experience

Navigating option Home Warranty’s website is straightforward only lacks some user-friendly features. While you can find a prompt quote and purchase a policy online, the website could benefit from more detailed insurance policy information and transparency.
Choice Home Warranty Logo on a Background of a Cozy Home
Discover the Best Home Warranty with Choice Home Warranty.

Home guarantee Plans and Coverage

Choice Home warrantee offers two main annual plans: the staple project and the Total Plan. Unlike some competitors, some plans cover a range of home systems and appliances, offering comprehensive coverage. However, it’s worth noting that the Basic contrive has limitations, such as excluding air conditioning systems and certain appliances like refrigerators and laundry units.
The Total Plan, on the other hand, provides more comprehensive coverage, including HVAC systems, refrigerators, and more. some plans have a $3,000 limit on repair costs, with or s add-on services having lower coverage limits.

Add-Ons for Extra Protection

Choice Home guarantee offers a limited natural selection of add-ons, including coverage for pools, spas, express roof leaks, and sprinkler systems. While these options put up supply extra protection, customers should cautiously review the coverage damage and cost considerations before adding them to their policies.
Pricing, Fees, and Discounts
The cost of a Choice Home Warranty plans offer comprehensive tribute policy depends on factors like the elect plan, add-ons, and payment frequency. Customers who yield annually can save money, and the company occasionally runs promotions offer discounts for new customers. However, it’s essential to observe the $85 service bung per claim, which cannot be adjusted.

Getting a Quote

Obtaining a quote from Choice place Warranty covers is straightforward, with options to request one online or over the phone.However, some customers may find the lack of up-front pricing breakdowns a bit inconvenient when comparing different policy options.

Filing a Claim

Choice Home Warranty offers two convenient methods for filing claims: online or over the phone. The 24/7 availability ensures that homeowners can seek assistance at any time. However, the fixed $85 service fee may not appeal to those who prefer fee flexibility.

Customer Service Excellence

Choice Home Warranty shines in customer service, with round-the-clock support and dedicated service representatives assigned to each claim. Customers appreciate the company’s quick response times and personalized approach.

Customer Reviews

Customer feedback on Choice Home Warranty is mixed. Positive reviews highlight the company’s efficiency and quality of service. However, negative reviews mention claim denials and issues with charges after insurance cancellations. It’s essential to consider both sides when evaluating this provider.

Choice Home Warranty offers a competitive home warranty is committed to providing excellent option with affordable pricing and exceptional customer service days . While there are limitations and some legal concerns to consider, it remains a viable choice for homeowners seeking peace of mind and protection for their home systems and appliances. To explore other home warranty options, you can check out the best home warranty companies, best home warranties for roof coverage, best home warranties for HVAC coverage, and the best home warranties for rental properties.

Now you’re armed with the information you need to decide if Choice Home Warranty is the right fit for your home protection needs. Make your choice wisely and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your home is covered.

Whether or not you can cancel a Choice place Warranty depends on the terms and conditions of the specific undertake you have with them. Typically, home warranty companies offer different plans and undertake lengths, and their cancellation policies can vary.
Here are some general stairs to consider if you require to cancel a home warranty:
Review your contract:
Carefully read through your Choice Home Warranty undertake to understand the cancellation terms and some fees associated with cancellation. The undertake should adumbrate the particular conditions below which you can cancel.
Contact client Service:
Reach out to Choice Home Warranty’s customer serve department. You tin usually see their contact information on their website or within your contract. Inform them of your intention to strike down and require virtually the cancellation process.

Follow their instructions:

Choice Home Warranty English hawthorn have particular steps you need to follow to initiate the cancellation. This might include submitting a written request or providing specific documentation.
Pay any applicable fees:
Depending on your contract, you may be required to pay a cancellation fee. Be equipt to cover these undefined if they apply.
Confirm cancellation: After you’ve followed the necessary steps, confirm with Choice place Warranty that your contract has been canceled. check you receive written confirmation of the undefined for your records.
Keep in mind that the undefined policy can variegate ‘tween home warranty providers, so it’s essential to check your specific contract and contact option Home Warranty directly to understand their damage and work on for cancellation.
How Choice Home Warranty Stacks Up to the Competition
While or s place warranty providers may excel in a particular area—lengthy workmanship guarantees, low rates, or extensive coverage options, for instance—Choice Home Warranty does not have a core effectiveness that distinguishes it from other companies. The company’s prices are in describe with industry standards, neither drastically undercutting the contender nor charging customers to a fault high rates. Choice’s coverage limits are middle of the road as well; its $3,000 limit is higher than the coverage amounts offered by AFC place Club and Liberty place Guard, just it can’t match the unlimited coverage on home systems provided by American Home Shield. The company’s craft guarantee, which covers 60 years on labor and 90 days on parts, is longer than the 30 days offered by American Home Shield and shore leave Home Guard, but much shorter than AFC Home Club’s 1- to 3-year guarantee.

Choice’s approach to serve fees is somewhat unique though

While home warranty providers typically offer a straddle of technician fees for customers to choose from—Cinch Home Services’ serve fees unravel between $100 and $150, for instance Choice sets a flat $85 service bung for every policy. Customers Crataegus oxycantha find that the company’s add-on options undefined upwards a little short compared with some other place warranty providers. Choice’s extra coverage options are fairly limited and, unlike companies so much as Liberty Home Guard, do not include additional place services. That organism said, Choice’s always-on client service is somewhat of a standout feature that not all place warrant companies tin match.
Should You Choose Choice Home Warranty?
Choice Home Warranty could be a good option for homeowners who value worthy customer service and subscribe from their provider. With a customer service trace that’s open 24/7 every day of the year, Choice can volunteer around-the-clock assistance to homeowners who need to clear up aspects of their policy or undefined on the status of an superior claim. Customer service appears to be very responsive as well, with the company’s own stated turnaround multiplication sexual climax in under 4 hours in many cases. Many client reviews highlighted Choice’s speedy claims work as well, especially how quick agents were to respond to service requests and agenda technician appointments.
Although pick does not especially stand out in any unusual key area such as pricing, craft guarantees, or coverage options, it doesn’t have some glaring weaknesses, either. Any potential negative aspects of pickings come out of the closet a policy with Choice Home Warranty Crataegus oxycantha not necessarily impact the customer experience. For instance, the inability to adjust service fees could be relatively unimportant to some customers. In addition, the company’s standard plans Crataegus oxycantha provide wholly the coverage a homeowner needs from a home warranty, even out without undefined add-on options. Finding the rating right home warranty really depends on what precisely a homeowner needs from this typewrite of coverage, and in the right circumstances, Choice Home Warranty is committed could be the hone fit. It’s Charles Frederick Worth doing one’s undefined diligence and comparing rates, reporting conditions appliance, and other factors earlier making a decision, though.
We independently reviewed this service by weighing the company’s claims against first-hand undergo with its professionals. However, undefined to factors such as franchising, human being error, and more, please note that someone experiences with this company may vary.

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